Wow folks, week 10 of the Power90 training is in the books. I’m Another 2 pounds came off this week and the funny thing is muscle weighs more than fat so I’m building my muscle and losing the body fat. I’m still in the 36’s but getting looser each week. All my shirts are starting to hang on me instead of being so tight because of my

It really is just a matter of making up your mind to take action! I’m not saying this is easy but the results I’m seeing are well worth the 35 minutes a day I put into it. Sure there are days that I don’t feel like doing it and I’ve even missed a couple but the thing is to just keep pushing play.

To be honest I”ve not followed the diet plan as well as I could have, which really shows me what extra results I could see. I know my next step is the P90X which I will add the diet plan as well. I’ve still got a month to go on the Power90 before I jump in though.

Hard to believe when I started out I had to do girl pushups and could hardly complete anything in the videos. Now it’s coming so much easier. Just like a car, if you don’t use it the car will set there and rust.

The BeachBody coaching opportunity has turned into a great business as more and more people are seeing my results and wanting to change their lives both physically and financially. The team of coaches we have brought together have really dedicated themselves to making a difference and I’m so proud to be associated with them.

The coaching opportunity is not for everyone but if you’re interested contact me and I can give you more information and place you under one of my other coaches to help them. I do that with each of my coaches to get them in profit as soon as possible and I can do that for you as well if you want to put in the effort.

Week 10 of Power90 Training

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