WOW, It’s been one month since I started the Power90 training by BeachBody. At times it seemed like forever but looking back it has gone by pretty fast. The hardest part was just getting in a routine of when I was going to do my training. I decided the early morning was the best time for me because I know the longer I put it off during the day the less chance I have of actually doing it.

My results after one month:

  • Lost 9 pounds
  • Went from size 40 waist to 38
  • Biceps increased by one inch
  • Chest increased by 1/2 inch

Now that I’m on a routine and have built up endurance I look forward to really picking up the pace this next month. The main thing is just to stick with it. Contact me  if you  want to start your way back to fitness with the Power90 training.

After 4 weeks PHOTOS 001

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