Well folks, just got done with week 3 of the Power90 training. The soreness that I had the first couple of weeks are now gone. My endurance is getting better each week now and I’m seeing physical results in the mirror. I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I’m alot closer than I was 3 weeks ago and it’s only going to get better.

The first week was just trying to avoid a heart attack.lol The second week was trying to do all the exercises and the third week was being able to keep up with the pace they set on the videos.

The yoga part of the  training is the hardest for me personally because I’m not the most limber person in the world but I have noticed a increase in my flexibility.

Follow me on my trip back to fitness with the Power90 training by Beachbody. Next week I will give my weight and measurement totals as it will be one month since I began.

After 3 weeks of Power90 Training

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