Well folks I just wrapped up the second week of Power90 training. I ended up losing another two pounds.[woohoo] I can feel my body starting to change into that of a SuperHero. Well that maybe going a little too far.lol

I’m starting to see all the money I had invested in my belly  go away little by little.  Knowing that it’s only going to get better makes me more motivated.  Starting to notice that my arms are getting a little more toned. I started the training wearing a size 40 pants, they were loose on me but 38’s were just impossible to fit into. After the first week I could fit into the 38’s but the button was screaming. Now after the second week the screaming has stopped.  There still tight but at least I can button them now. I think it will be a couple of weeks before I get them fitting loose on me. That’s ok though the Power90 training is working.

The hardest part is over. Those first weeks of being sore and trying to stay at it everyday has now been replaced by seeing results. I know it’s not eyepopping results yet but stick with me while I work towards my beachbody. I’m now more motivated than ever and ready to bring it everyday.

Still scary but getting better!

Still scary but getting better!

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