Week 1 of Power90 Complete

February 22, 2010

Well folks I just wrapped up the first week of Power90 training. Not being in great shape it was tough for me to do all the exercises but I did what I could. As the week went on I was able to do more as my endurance built up, although it will probably be another week or two before I can do them all. That’s ok I know this is not a race.

I am finding myself with more energy and did manage to lose three pounds so I’m happy with that. The new picture doesn’t really show much of a difference but I could tell how my pants fit that something is starting to happen. When I used this training several years ago it took me 3 weeks to start actually seeing results in photos.

Stay posted as I move into week 2 and remember just push play and bring it!

After 1 week of Power90 training

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