Power90 Training-Time To Bring It

February 15, 2010

Power90 Training Just Arrived

My BeachBody Power90 training just arrived Friday afternoon so I started my first workout Saturday morning. I can’t say I was impressed with my fitness level, talk about out of shape. That’s ok though I know 90 days from now I’ll be in the best shape of my life. I will keep plugging away, I will not quit, this is too important. I will post every week with photos and thoughts. Here is a Day One photo of me before starting Power90 training. Hide the kids, it’s not a pretty sight.lol


Power90 Training-It’s Time To Go To Work

Believe me, the last thing I like to do is workout but if you want the results you have to put in the effort with power90 training. I’m starting this journey not only to get back in shape but also build my beachbody business as a coach. If you ever need more information you can contact me or visit fitnessbusinesscoach.com Listed below are some helpful links that can explain marketing your beachbody business and creating your funnel. Trust me, you can have the greatest business in the world but if you don’t know how to create leads or get your website seen then you are dead in the water.



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