P90X Training-1 Month Down

Well folks, here we are 30 days later with P90X training results. Let me tell you right off the bat that this is not easy but really it’s not that hard. If you have the desire to reach your fitness goals you won’t let anything distract you. It really depends how serious you are about reaching your fitness goals.

Make sure and set 50-65 minutes aside each day to get your workout in and stick with it. I started seeing results after about 2 weeks and I’m sure you will too. Believe me you will be sore from the workouts but if you fight through it you will be amazed. Check out my video below for some more info on my results.

P90X Training-Will You Keep Putting It Off

If you are ready to get started on your p90x training you can contact me at the top of the page in the contact tab or simply click one of the links below depending on which program you feel is right for you.

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Fabulous job and you are proof that anyone can do this if they are serious.
The results in your pictures are amazing. Keep it up and I will return to follow your journey.

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