P90X Training-Results After 6 Weeks

Well folks 6 weeks of P90X training in the books and seeing more results each week. I did happen to lose 2 pounds this week since my recovery week was over and back to pumping out those pushups which is amazing considering where I started at.lol Tony Horton and I have that love hate relationship.

If you have followed my journey starting with Power90 in which I could barely do any pushups and my cardio was worthless  to where I am now with the P90X training it truly is a testimonial to just sticking to the programs and doing your best.

P90X Training-Do Your Best and Forget The Rest

You don’t have to keep up with the people in the p90x training videos just do your best and forget the rest and I promise you will see the results. As each week goes by you will start seeing improvement in the amount of exercises you can do.

After six weeks with p90x

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