After 7 Weeks of P90X

August 29, 2010

P90X Training-Results After 7 Weeks

Just got finished with week 7 of P90X training and arms, chest and shoulders are seeing improvement. I’m excited to see what happens after the next phase. It’s amazing the results and the amount of  reps I can do now compared to when I first started.

I haven’t seen much weight loss but clothes are fitting different now that’s for sure. I’ve only lost 5 pounds in seven weeks but muscle weighs more than fat so I’m not really concerned about the weight loss. I still want to get into size 34 waist

P90X Training-The Next Phase

Many people that have gone thru P90X training have told me that your results will really explode in your last phase of the training so I’m looking forward to that as I just keep pushing play everyday.

After 7 weeks of P90X

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