P90X Training-2 Month Results

Well folks 2 months of P90X training in the books and find myself being able to do more and more each week. Seems like the muscle confusion is kicking in and starting to see my body change a little quicker.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not where I want to be yet but getting closer each week. I can see myself going thru P90X training for a second 90 days just to really push myself and then after that I know I’ll be where I want to be. After that I can see myself trying some of the other training they have like maybe Insanity.

P90X Training-My Income Is Building

As my body has changed from p90x training so has my income thru the coaching opportunity. Each week I’m receiving a check from BeachBody. It’s not enough to sail around the world with but it sure is nice to have that little extra income each week. Plus I can see this building into a much larger income as time goes by.

People have been asking me how I’ve been making this extra money and it’s simple really. I just share with people what I’ve been doing. They are already seeing the results I’m getting so it’s pretty easy. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a coach, getting in shape and getting paid then click the picture below and find out more about what it really takes to become a BeachBody coach and how it can change your life.

After 2 Months Of P90X

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