How To Be Healthy

September 14, 2012

How To Be Healthy

I get emails, phone calls, skype messages all the time asking how to be healthy. In some cases the messages state “I have had great success with my workout program! My nutrition has been spot on, I am getting stronger and I’m losing body fat! So, what do I need to change?”

You might laugh at the above statement but I hear it almost every day. Someone is having a lot of success with their fitness program and they CAN’T WAIT to change things.

Doesn’t really make sense does it? What is my advice? STAY THE COURSE!

What does this mean? KEEP DOING WHAT IS WORKING FOR YOU! 🙂

How to be healthy

The secret formula for how to be healthy is simple:

Doing your best with consistent beachbody workouts combined with following a simple, effective nutrition plan applied over 90 days.

This is where 99% of people fall short. They don’t have the mental discipline to stick with what is already working for them long enough to see their fitness goals become a reality.

Want more muscle? Work on getting stronger and support your efforts nutritionally long enough to add that muscle. Want to lean out and lose body fat? Do the best you can each day with your beachbody workouts, and gear your nutrition towards body fat loss LONG ENOUGH to lose the body fat you want to lose.

Its really that simple folks. Its not rocket science, but then again its not easy. If it was, EVERYONE would have a six pack and the fitness level they dream about.

So, when things are going great and you think, “I gotta change things up”…DON’T!


How To Be Healthy

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