Get Uncomfortable

August 18, 2012

I wanted to share a great article from Mike French a fellow successful beachbody coach.

I strive to achieve a higher level of performance, strength, conditioning and fitness with nearly every workout I do. We can’t push to 100% every workout. Its just not physically or mentally possible.

If you are looking to achieve MIND BLOWING results and a level of Fitness and conditioning that you have only dreamed of, you need to mentally prepare yourself to get “uncomfortable” in your workouts. If anyone tells you that you can make dramatic differences in your Fitness level and conditioning without getting “uncomfortable” might not be telling you the whole truth.

If you are applying the proper intensity to your workouts, at some point during the workout, you should seriously doubt if you can
complete it. It doesn’t matter if its, P90X, ChaLEAN Extreme, or ANY Beachbody workout.

This is where your mental focus is of vital importance. You need to be mentally strong to not just survive your workout but CONQUER it! You need to focus and concentrate on getting “comfortable” with being “uncomfortable”. Realize and understand that to make dramatic changes in your conditioning, strength and physique you need to push yourself to a level of intensity that you never thought you could achieve.

Realize the difference between the discomfort associated with pushing yourself to your limit and the very different pain of injury. Injury should be avoided, however, if you are pushing to your limit the potential for injury always exists. We can minimize the potential for injury by warming up, stretching, maintaining good form NO MATTER WHAT, and a good cool down.

This simple goal of not giving into the fatigue, pain, and intense exertion “exercised” my mental strength in a major way. If you think you’re working hard during your workouts, when you start your next one, focus on trying a little harder. Hold nothing back! Exercise your mental as well as physical strength.

Experience what it feels like to really let it loose and push harder than you ever have. In a phrase, get “comfortable” with being “uncomfortable” When you can do this on a regular basis, your Fitness goals will topple more quickly than you ever imagined…

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