Strength Training Exercises For Women Over 50

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Today we’re going to cover an overview of strength training exercises for women over 50.

When it comes to lifting those weights I’ll give you a simple workout you can start to do this week.

So why is strength training exercises for women over 50 so important? For women over 50 our bodies are changing during this menopause time of our life.

I’m in menopause right now and a few years ago my estrogen levels started to drop and with estrogen dropping comes a lot of things.

One of them is bone density and it starts to drop as well. That poses a huge risk for fractures.

Strength training, lifting heavy weights puts stress on our bones, which can help them get stronger.

Strength training also prevents the loss of muscle mass and as we lose muscle mass our metabolism slows too, and we start to put on weight and fat, and nobody wants that.

Ok, if you’re wondering if it’s too late, it’s not! Why not start today and improve your bone density and boost your metabolism.

You can lose some weight and tone up so your clothes can fit better, but even more important to continue to do everything you love to.

I guarantee you can start looking and feeling fantastic even if you’re over 50. The key is to do it smart and from my experience it doesn’t take that much.

Strength Training Exercises For Women Over 50

A full body routine two times a week is all you need. Do something on Monday give your body a good 2 day rest, which is super important, especially if you’re over 50 and doing the routine again on Thursday.

It doesn’t mean you don’t do anything else in between. You may love walking, cardio, Pilates, yoga or stretching.

All these are perfect things to do in between when you’re doing your strength training workouts!

Your workout is focusing on good form and lifting as much weight as you can to start those muscles to break down.

Then you allow them to recover and become stronger and you keep going. You get stronger and leaner and younger.

Now let me show you a simple routine that you can start doing today, make sure you build up slowly and watch your form. Are you ready for a basic strength training routine? It’s about 30 minutes long.

Strength Training Exercises For Women Over 50 – Strength Training Moves

It’s just a few different basic strength training moves. We’re going to do them three times to really build up muscle mass, build up bone density and boost up our metabolism.

All right, you will need your set of weights and if you’re just starting out lighter weights are fine or no weights at all.

But if you have been doing this for a while, grab those heavier weights and you’ll need a mat because we’re going to add a little bit of core work on the floor.

I always like to incorporate some core work and maybe a water bottle.

We’re going to warm up as always before we do any strength training. Simply walk/march in place getting the blood flowing, getting motion to your joints.

Alright, this routine incorporates lower body, upper body basic strength training moves that you can get down and be able to do.

Strength Training Exercises For Women Over 50 – Don’t Hurt Yourself

What you do is start out light, watching your form so you don’t hurt yourself. Now add your arms and then you slowly start to increase the weight and you’ll get stronger without hurting yourself. That’s the biggest caveat.

The biggest issue trying to lift heavier weights as we get older, is that we hurt ourselves because we try to do two things too quickly.

We don’t build up enough base before we get started or we lose our form. We get too tired and we lose our form.

So this one’s just going to be some basic moves that you can use to build up stronger muscles.

You should be able to do it and memorize it. Doing this like on a Monday and then give yourself maybe two days and do another another set on Thursday and would  be perfect.

You can incorporate in-between Pilates, cardio or stretching. I wouldn’t recommend any of the other strength training routines, because you’re going to be breaking down those muscles and the muscles needs time to recover.

So we are going to be taking a couple extra long breaks, because we’re doing three sets. It might get boring but turn on some good music.

That’s the problem with some of these, I get a little bit bored but what I’ve been doing is taking a piece of paper writing down the moves.

How many, how much weight I’m using and then the repetition. I’m going to do that for about four weeks, so I can start slowly building up.

When I want things to get easier, I’m going to increase my weights and then build up to get stronger.

Don’t do anything that hurts, you don’t want to go backwards. Please remember your posture. I’m going to try to focus on holding your abs in, shoulders back and down, but always remember that back.

Start with a big hug, open up wide, stretch your chest and then round it, open up and round it.

This is in most of my warm-ups, you’d flat back and then round up trying to get the spine warming up.

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Strength Training Exercises For Women Over 50 – Squats & Rows

Are you ready to get started? We’re going to do squats and rows. So I’m going to  use my heavy weight and bend down to get those weights.

If that’s hard to do, lift the weights up on to a bench or a chair. We’re going to start with our squats, inhale down.

Abs pulled in, the weights up here, cause you keep your core tight, as opposed to having them down at your side. It’s just a little extra bonus. We want to try to get the most out of this as possible.

Watch your form. Now a nice little 15 second rest. Bring the weights down. We’re going to do a row next. I’m going to do upper body, lower body sets.

So we give the lower body a little bit more chance to rest, bend your knees and now bend over as flat back as you can and row up.

The muscles that we are working are the butt and the back. They can lift pretty heavy weights, but you’ve got to hold your tummy in.

Remember, this is about finding where your heaviest weight is and maybe doing 6 to 15 reps.

All right keep going, last one and then slowly come up. We get a 20-second rest. I have a timer, but you want to be able to do like 6 to twelve reps.

You want the weight heavy enough were at that twelfth rep you couldn’t do another two.

Strength Training Exercises For Women Over 50 – Deadlift & Shoulder Press

Next two exercises are going to be a deadlift and then a shoulder press. I’m going to have to change the weights for the shoulder press. This is an excellent knee friendly move but I’m going to come to the side here.

Abs pulled in, you can bend your knees slightly grazing the weights along your side, and then you squeeze your butt on lift up.

Deep breath in and down and up and down slow and squeeze up and down and squeeze keeping your back flat.

You don’t have to go all the way down. You’re keeping the weights towards your legs, good squeeze, trying to use the butt not the back, so you’ve got to squeeze that butt to lift up.

Now I’m going to drop down for my shoulder press. Shoulder press is perfect, really good for building up your shoulder muscles and it helps you work your core.

Since you’re standing up, try to keep your body still, bring those weights up to the side, deep breath in, abs pulled in and up and down, I could probably do 10.

Hold that tummy in and fight the urge for what they call lean back banana. If I put one leg forward that helps pushing up.

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Strength Training Exercises For Women Over 50 – Bicep Curls

All right, now we’re going to do bicep curls. Just three sets. I’m going to go heavy. I may not be able to do that many, but six is fine.

Deep breath in, shoulders back and down hands at your side. Then you come all the way up and you bring them all the way down.

Okay, full full range of motion, no stopping, bent elbows and down. I bring my palms in because it helps me bring everything straight.

Bringing your shoulders back, hold that tummy in, this is where you’re working your core!

That’s it, that wasn’t too too bad. Set the weights down and do a bicycle. Then we’re going to bring a lighter weight and do skull crushers.

Just so you know bring those weights with you, grab that mat and come on down and then we’ll finish up with the plank.

We’ll do the plank at the end, and I got a couple of little tips for you on doing the plank to build strong muscles.

Okay, I’ve got my twelve for my chest press and I’m only going to be able to do eight right now for skull crushers so I’ll have them close by.

If you need a pillow for your neck grab your pillow, are you ready? Let’s get down on the mat. Grab your heavier weights and I’d rather you hold them here, especially if you’re just starting to use heavy weights.

Then gently roll yourself down. Bring the arms out to the side, push that low belly into the mat and push up, pause and hold. Slow down and push, don’t go fast with this one.

Use your chest muscles, take a little pause at the bottom. Let’s see how many we do in this thirty seconds. Now gently just set those weights off to the side.

Don’t try to come up with those weights. That’s a little bit hard on your tummy and might hurt your shoulders.

Hands behind the head and thirty seconds of bicycle, here we go nice and slow and controlled.

Alright, we’re not doing a fast bicycle here because that just doesn’t work as well, because you have momentum. I want you to be pushing your tummy down, trying to get your shoulder blades off of the mat.

The third exercise is the skull crusher’s, so grab those weights. It’s probably okay that they’re a little bit lighter but please don’t sacrifice yourself to get those weights.

All right, arms all the way up, bending at the elbows bring the weights all the way down towards your ears and lift up.

This really works the back of the arms but you truly do need to have a heavy enough weight to where you feel that muscle work.

Nice, slow and controlled all the way down and all the way up and breathe out on the way up.

Okay, that tummy is still working here too, so I want you to make sure it’s glued down, a low back is glued down.

Now set those weights off to the side and come back up to sitting, so you can bring those heavy weights down for your chest press.

Strength Training Exercises For Women Over 50 – Plank

I know your arms and everything are a little bit tired. I’m going to show you just a little extra bonus on doing the plank.

So for this plank if you’re on your knees I want you to try to come up on your toes and then I want you to push your heels away from your shoulders.

Okay, so you’re pushing back now. I want you to squeeze your butt, squeeze your inner thighs and lift up strong through your upper back.

This has been easier since I’ve been doing it this way because you’re using your butt muscles. You’re using your leg muscles.

Squeeze those inner thighs together, lift up through the tummy, do that for 30 seconds.

Now come on to your hands and your knees and round your back up, drop your feet down, bring your knees a little bit wider than the mat and sink back into a child’s pose for me.

Strength Training Exercises For Women Over 50 – Conclusion

These routines will help you get stronger, fight that aging process, help you feel fantastic and let you do all the things you love to do.

Remember work up slowly doing this two times a week for about four to six weeks, then experiment with increasing your weights or trying some new routines.

I have dozens of strength training, ab exercises, low impact, cardio and Pilates articles and videos on this site.

I hope these strength training exercises for women over 50 will help you live the life you want.

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