Power90 Workout

When I first started using the Power90 workout I had my doubts. I had seen all the other infomercials but the one thing that stuck in my head was there was a guy named Tony Horton at age 50 doing the power90 workout along with some others that were my age. You see most of the other infomercials have kids in their 20’s with rock hard bodies. Hell, when I was that age I had that too.lol Thus the journey began.

When my power90 workout arrived I was anxious to get to work and my goal was to lose 35 pounds and get back in good shape. I was a size 40 waist and needed to get back to my size 34’s. I thought I can do anything for 90 days. So let’s get this party started.

Power90 Workout-The Beginning

The first couple of days were more of getting used to the exercises and setting a regular time to do my workout. I didn’t push too hard for the fact I didn’t want to pull a muscle or have a heart attack.lol Keep in mind that I couldn’t keep up with the pace at first and had to hit the pause button a few times to catch my breath as Tony suggests thru out the video.

After those first couple of weeks of the power90 workout I started noticing a difference in the way my clothes fit and started seeing some definition in my arms and chest. That was enough to motivate me to continue. After the 4th week I found myself being able to keep up without having to hit that pause button and the scales were telling me I was down 10 pounds. Now it was really starting to get interesting.

Power90 Workout-Halfway Thru

I gave it another week at the phase one pace and then moved up to phase two which is the second disc that comes along with the workout. A faster pace along with more reps is what welcomed me. Now I could have been happy with the 10 pound weight loss but I had committed to 90 days and if those first 30 days were giving me these kinds of results I was excited to see what would happen next.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to become complacent but you have to push thru it. I had already invested 30 days, there was no sense in not seeing it thru. I again had to hit that pause button until my body adapted, getting stronger and more agile with each passing day.

At the end of my 60th day with the power90 workout I had lost a total of 24 pounds. Talk about some motivation. I was more than half way to my 90 day goal and feeling better each day. Now for the final push and an eye opening lesson.

Power90 Workout-The Finish Line

Each day I could see my goal getting closer. Clothes that I hadn’t worn in forever were now starting to fit again. There was no pause button to use. I was bringin it and my metabolism had changed my body into a fat burning machine.

My last 30 days with the power90 workout I had lost another 13 pounds which brought me to a total of 37 pounds and the waist which once was a 40 was now back to a comfortable 34. Now that was more like it. All the work had given me the results. There was an answer to getting back in shape.

Now to say it was easy would be a lie. There were times along the way where I doubted myself and thought taking one day off wouldn’t hurt but I pushed thru. It’s easy to get excited about starting a workout but staying consistent is the key.

The results I have seen have been seen by thousands of others. Simply look on YouTube. My eye opening lesson is that this has turned into a lifestyle change for me. A desire to live a healthier, fit life and help others do the same.

Turn off your brain and stop over thinking things and just push play. You can reach your goal if you have the desire. Are you ready to start your power90 workout?

Power90 Workout

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