PX 90 Workout Program

I’ve fallen off track lately with my px90 workout program as many of us do but the difference is getting back to it. Although I have only added 5 pounds I know I’m not the best I can be. The first of the year I’ll be ready to rock and roll and if you would like to join me just shoot me a message so we can hold each other accountable. I don’t care if you’re using the px90 workout program or something else, let’s just devote 90 days and reach our goals.



If you’ve enjoyed the video and have the same mindset and goals, don’t hesitate to give me a call 239-225-3836 or shoot me a message. If you’re wanting to start a beachbody program like the px90 workout program let me know first so we can see if that would be right for you. You can also find out more info by clicking the banner below.

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