P90X-Wrapping Up 3rd Round

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April 29, 2011

P90X-What’s Next

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know I’m a couple of weeks away from wrapping up my 3rd round of P90X. It’s been an amazing 15 months and it all started with Power90, then moving into P90X. I haven’t decided yet where to go next. I’m considering Insanity or RevAbs just to change things up a bit.

I look back on when I started and there were alot of people that were interested in starting with me but just didn’t have the time. Now 15 months later they wonder how I did it. It comes down to each persons desire. I can’t make you push play, you have to have your own why.

Mine was I simply hated to take my shirt off at the beach because I was so out of shape. From playing sports my whole life this was tough for me to take and I finally had enough. Each person will get to a point in their life and either take action or they will let it slide.

P90X-Don’t Cheat Yourself

I’m not here to judge anyone, I just know that this is the only life we get so why not be the best you can be in all facets of your life. Don’t cheat yourself out of what can be. The people that tell me they don’t have time are the same people that watch The Biggest Loser a couple of hours every night.

The simple reality is we make time for what we consider important and many of us don’t consider our health that important. Take a step back and reevaluate your goals and dreams. It’s all about self–improvement, when you start improving your interior the exterior will take care of itself.

If you have questions about P90X, if you’ve been putting things off, contact me. Get started, life keeps coming and the days go by quicker and quicker. Before you know it you will look back and say if I had only taken the time to ..

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