P90X Training-Is It For You

I know we all have seen the popular p90x training infomercials, you can’t swing a dead cat without seeing it somewhere.lol What I want to impress upon you is that it’s not the answer for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, the training works but we must find out if you are ready for p90x training.

What you don’t want to do is start out with training that is too overwhelming for you. In my case I was 40 pounds overweight and at age 48 I knew p90x training would be to intense for me starting out. To see success you must be able to stick with your training and that is why I opted to start with power90.

P90X Training-Check Your Ego

In the video below I share my thoughts and what you should know to help you find out if p90x training is right for you and your current situation.

Life is too short to wonder what if! Start your P90X or Power90 journey back to fitness today. Make sure and send a friend request to Facebook so you can share your results, find even more valuable tips and get any questions you might have answered. It’s a great way to interact with others who are passionate about their fitness as well as the Beachbody business.

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