P90X Motivational Tips-Pushing Through

Today I want to share with you some motivational tips for P90X. I know we all struggle sometimes when it comes to doing our workouts but for those that are serious about seeing the results we must push ourselves. There will be days when you don’t feel your best, there will be days when you don’t think you have the time but you must push thru.

It’s not easy to stay motivated all the time but once you start seeing the results you realize that the juice is worth the squeeze. Most people will give up within the first 3-4 weeks because they feel that they are not seeing results quick enough. That takes us to the curse of instant gratification. Nowadays we all want it right now, we have been programmed to think that everything can happen quickly. Instant potatoes, instant coffee and the list goes on and on.

P90X Motivational Tips-It Takes Work

Folks, you know the truth is anything worthwhile takes work. I know it’s not what we want to hear sometimes but it’s still the truth. Hopefully this video can give you some motivational tips for p90x and help you on your fitness journey.

P90X Motivational Tips-You Are Not Alone

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