Beachbody Challenge-How Much Does It Cost

Beachbody Challenge

I’ve been getting some questions lately about the Beachbody challenge and how much does it cost. When I first started almost 2 years ago with my training as well as becoming a coach, there wasn’t any beachbody challenges. I had to buy each of my products seperately but now you have the opportunity to bundle your favorite program along with shakeology, team VIP club membership and free shipping. With corporate offering the Beachbody challenge bundle packs you can actually save a lot of money and have everything you need to reach your fitness goals.

Here’s a breakdown of the different beachbody challenge packs offered.

beachbody challenge













Beachbody Challenge

All 3 packs come with:

1) A workout program of your choice

2) One month of Shakeology on Home Direct (autoship)

3) 30 Days of the TeamBeachbody Club VIP membership

4) Free Shipping

Beachbody Challenge-Additional Benefits

Not only will you start seeing great results, you will also have the chance to win some outstanding prizes.

  • $500 daily winners
  • $1,000 monthly winners
  • $5,000 quarterly winners (plus a paid trip)
  • $100,000 grand prize

I will be coaching and  supporting a group of 5 people (in a private Facebook group)…so if you are ready to make a change in your life, now is the time and this is the group. If you have a couple of friends that you want to do this together with, get in touch with me at 239-225-3836 and I’ll set it up.  It can be a group of your coworkers, family or friends…whoever you know that is ready to make a commitment and take back their health.

This will be a 60-90 day commitment depending on which program you and your group chooses. I’m here if you are having a hard time deciding which one would be better for you. We will all work together, share our struggles and share our success. The Beachbody Challenge has proven to give the best results.

Beachbody Challenge-Let’s Get Started

–You pick your own schedule on your time, All the workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home.

–Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and share your results.

Again, contact me at  or call today 239-225-3836 and I can help you get started.


Once on the teambeachbody page, click “Take The Challenge,” enter your info, choose your workout and Shakeology, and follow the instructions. It will guide you through the entire Beachbody Challenge process.

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