Changing Your Metabolism With Power90 and P90X

Before I started my weight loss journey with Power90 and P90X my metabolism was working against me. I found myself sluggish and tired all the time. It happened over a period of time and really seemed like it snuck up on me. After every meal I would be ready for a nap and that’s a sure fire way to pile on the pounds. Needless to say that’s what happened and I found myself weighing in at a whopping 260 pounds.

After about 3 weeks with Power90 workouts and the diet plan I started noticing a change in my metabolism as my energy level started to increase. A big part of it was the mindset of eating until I wasn’t hungry instead of eating until I was stuffed. You know growing up most of us were taught to eat everything on your plate and believe me there was always alot on the plate.

Start Changing Your Metabolism With Power90 and P90X

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