Core Exercises For Women Over 50

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Today we’re going to talk about core exercises for women over 50 and this is going to be the beginner version.

Now a lot of times when I’m talking to females over the age of 50, one of the things I say is: What do you want to achieve?

Usually they want to tone up their arms. They want to tone up their legs and then inevitably it comes down to I want to lose the midsection.

I want to have more tone, I want to have abs, I want to bring my midsection back together.

Core Exercises For Women Over 50


Now I’m going to first of all say there’s no such thing as spot reduction. You can’t spot reduce and also, direct core work isn’t going to give you abs.

What’s going to give you direct core work is bringing your body fat down to the percentage for women anywhere from 20 to 13 percent body fat.

So I would strive to bring that down in that area and then the direct ab work is just going to give you more of that definition that you want as you begin to reduce your body fat.

Doing good core work is going to be great for your functional fitness, your functional lifestyle.

So with that being said, the next question I get is: Can I do core every single day?

Yes, you can do core every single day but you’d want to do to one specific muscle group of the core for that day or as in this routine.

The best way to go about it is you can do it either on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at the end of a resistance training workout or you can do it at the end of your cardio routines, whatever works best for you.

So let’s hop right into core exercises for women over 50.

These are going to be some beginner exercises that you can start using for yourself.

There’s four major areas that you want to focus on when it comes to direct core work.

You’ve got your lower abs, you’ve got your sides, you’ve got your rectus abdominal muscles and then you’ve got your erector spinae in your back.

Core Exercises For Women Over 50 – Lower Abs

So the first exercise we’re going to start off with is targeting our lower abs. So this is where we’re just going to lie flat on the mat and do some lower leg lifts.

So we’re laying flat on our back, our hands going be right underneath where our belly button is. I’m going to pull back into the belly button and there’s a couple ways to go about it.

So if you have some tightness or stiffness in your low back, what you can do is start with one leg.

You’re going to lift your leg up and then down on your control. Breathing out, start  pulling that belly button.

If that’s too easy for you, you can take both feet together, knees bent and you can bring your legs up and then back down under control.

Then the next progression for your lower leg raise is you’re going to have a 5-15 degree bend in your legs, 5 degrees off the ground.

You’re going to raise your legs up and down under control, up and down under control, and then bring them back down. So the the goal rep range that we want to use is 15 to 20 repetitions.

Core Exercises For Women Over 50 – Your Sides

The next one we’re going to do is work our sides. One way we can work our side’s is have your hands at your side and slide to try to reach your heel. Tucking your chin try to go to the other heel and then go back and forth.

The next one you could do is bring one foot up over the other, your hands on the side of your head. Now you’re going to bring your elbow to the inside of your knee.

You don’t want to go on the outside of your knee. Go on inside of your knee. You’re starting to rotate your back so hands on the side of your head.

Go to inside your knee and then back, then you’re going to go over to the other leg and do the other side. Do 15 to 20 of those repetitions.

Core Exercises For Women Over 50 – Upper Abs

Next you’re going to work the rectus abdominus or the upper abs.

Your hands are going to be behind your head with your knees bent. This is the first one that you can try out. You’re just going to sit up, squeeze and back down.

The question I inevitably get is: How far do I have to sit up? Do I have to sit up all the way?

No you don’t have to sit up all the way, you’re just going up and you’re contracting. You’re getting that squeeze and then going back down. So you’re going to go up, squeeze, then back down.

Once you can complete 15 to 20 of those and say this is too easy, bring your feet together and reach up for your toes, lift your shoulders off the ground. Do 15-20 of those.

Core Exercises For Women Over 50 – Plank

After we finish that we’re going to go to our plank. You can do the plank a couple different ways.

If you’re a beginner just going from your knees, breathing out trying to pull that belly button into the spine.

That’s the key, pull those transverse abdominal muscles to your spine, belly button to your spine.

If that’s too easy, then just go from your elbows. Elbows underneath your shoulders, hands open, hips up and back flat. Breathing out, belly button in.

If you have some tightness there you can go into a push-up position. If again you feel tightness in your low back, you can just bring your hips up slightly and then hold in that position for 30 to 60 seconds.

Core Exercises For Women Over 50 – Conclusion

To recap the core exercises for women over 50, you would start with your lower abs first. Then your sides, then your upper and then your plank.

You just do one right after the other and as soon as you complete that start back from the top. Take as minimal rest as possible.

Set your stopwatch on your set. Your goal is to try and get through those three rounds in about ten minutes.

Just go one exercise to the next and add that into your workout or your cardio routine. What you’ll end up finding is over 3 to 4 weeks you’ll start to feel your core starting to strengthen.

If you’ve been doing your cardio, adding this core exercises for women over 50 routine and following good nutrition, because abs are made in the kitchen, you’re going to start to notice that midsection toning up.

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