Best Tricep Exercises For Women

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How do we get rid of those flabby arms? Today we’ll talk about the best Tricep exercises for women.

They call them Hello Helen arms or the second wave or just loose skin that hangs. What they’re referring to is the tricep or the back of your arm.

How do we get rid of that? I’m going to teach you some exercises today and we’re going to do them together.

Best Tricep Exercises For Women

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The other thing you have to know is, even if we develop that muscle, which we’re going to do, you have to get rid of that layer of fat that’s on top.

You have to do that and you get rid of that through intensity and training. Like the exercises I’m going to show you today, but also through eating.

You’ve got to eat natural, unprocessed real foods to create a deficit. You’ve got to work out harder than what you’re eating to burn it.

Best Tricep Exercises For Women – Exercise #1

Are you ready to workout with me? All you need is your own bodyweight and just you a mat if you want.

Ok, we’re going to start on our butts, palms on the ground and heels here. I’m going to start with a tricep lean back.

Watch what I’m doing here. My hands are here and I’m just going to lean back and bring it back up. It’s a very slow move.

This is not an ab workout, it is a tricep workout. We’re warming it up, bring it down then back up.

Remember, don’t use your abs, it’s not an ab move. It is fully a tricep move, down and up, back and up.

Best Tricep Exercises For Women – Exercise #2

Okay, the next one is going to get a little bit harder I’m just warning you. We’ve only got five exercises here and you can do them all.

Okay, on this one you take it up here, all the way here and then kick it through to a seated position.

You raise up and kick it through, up and kick it through down. Now you want to really make sure you’re using the tricep here.

It’s easy to use your legs or your abs here and even though they are somewhat involved, you want to concentrate on the triceps.

You got to make them feel like jello in order to make them hard. That’s the first step.

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Best Tricep Exercises For Women – Exercise #3

Okay, this one’s a tricep crawl. We’re going to move it forward and back up on your triceps.

Here we’re going to walk it forward and back, come with me now back and forward.

You can get really creative with this, you don’t have to go back and forward. You can go diagonal. You can go side to side.

Best Tricep Exercises For Women – Exercise #4

We’re doing a push-up here and I’m going to let you cheat on this. You can do it on your knees or you can do it on your feet. Whatever you’d prefer.

I’m going to do it on my knees, because it’s still going to be challenging. On your knees, arms in front now, with a push-up.

The wider you take it, the more you’re going to work out those triceps. Take it close in and lower down and up.

If this is too hard for you, even on your knees, you can do this from a countertop or a chair or a bench, it’ll make it a little bit easier.

If this is too easy for you, you can always bring it up to your feet here and do it there.

Best Tricep Exercises For Women – Exercise #5

We’re going on to the final exercise here and I’m not going to lie. It’s the hardest one, but then you’re done.

When you’re done you’re going to feel it all day. It’s going to be a subtle reminder that I helped you get rid of those floppy arms today.

So we’re going back to a plank position. This time on our hands and not our forearms.

We’re going to bring it down and forward and we’re going to get in as many as you can do.

I’m not letting you quit until you get at least five. So five at least, that’s the goal. Bring it up, take it down, front, back and up. That’s one, two, three, four and five.

Best Tricep Exercises For Women – Conclusion

How are you feeling? Let’s stretch it out, bring your arm up, push back that tricep.

Make sure you drink a lot of water and know that it should feel sore right now and it could get more sore, but it’s a good thing.

It means it’s working and we’re addressing the flabby arms. I hope you’ve gained some insight on the best tricep exercises for women and put them to use.

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