Best Exercise For Women Over 50

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Today I’d love to talk to you about the best exercise for women over 50. If it’s the only exercise you do, this is it.

I found out about this when I went to a lifestyle retreat and we got taught that doing a Chinese squat is one of the most beneficial things for our health for any age group.

Particularly people who are getting older because when you don’t activate all your muscles in your legs, that leads to muscle loss.

Sitting accelerates muscle loss and muscle loss equals aging. You can imagine old people when they’re kind of bent over and that they’re walking slowly.

It’s because everything’s kind of gone soft and lost its effectiveness to keep the body upright.

Another thing about sitting, it’s not the best thing for us and we tend to sit all day and sitting loosens our glutes and it doesn’t engage anything.

You’re not engaging your core or your legs or your glutes or anything, so sitting is really bad, but we all do it all day.

So this is something that you can do at home and if you just do it every day, building up slowly and slowly, you can do it for a bit longer.

You’re going to notice a benefit in your strength and your vitality and I’ll tell you why? But first of all, I’ll show you what to do.

Best Exercise For Women Over 50

You just go from a standing position and you come down to squatting and this is called a Chinese squat.

It’s called that because in Asia this is how people communicate, they eat, they talk and they cook. They do everything like this naturally and so do babies.

You notice a young child, a toddler, this is how they sit, this is how they do things. It’s the way the body was designed.

Yet we don’t do it, so our bodies don’t perform as well as they could for as long as they could.

You want to try and keep your back as straight as you can and hold your core in and your feet flat on the ground.

This may be difficult to do for a long time so try for 10 seconds and you just keep practicing, getting a little bit longer each time until it’s something that you can do very easily.

It’s quite important for us to do as women in our 50s, because we’ve got to work on becoming someone who can live into the next 50 years with lots of health and vitality. This best exercise for women over 50 can help.

The Chinese squat actually helps loosen the back, align the spine and lengthen the hip flexors, which are here and when they get short, that’s when we get really stiff and everything’s very hard to do.

It also is great for improving your digestion because of the way that we’re sitting like this. It helps everything move through the body and our bowel function is a lot better.

Your knees get strong, all the parts of your legs get strong and your core becomes strong, so that’s kind of good for us.

Best Exercise For Women Over 50 and Menopause

But the thing that I learned about this is that women who are going through menopause go through these hormonal changes that actually make us think and remember and feel the pain and the hurt inside our body that has gone on in the past.

I guess our job in menopause is to realign ourselves and move through our hurts and our pains and move into a new phase of life.

I’ve been reading Dr. Christiane Northrup and it’s really fantastic reading where she talks about how we as women hold a lot of our pain here in this area.

That’s why we can have many many problems, particularly with painful periods and menopause, and all sorts of things that originate in that area, and we have to release that pain so that we can move forward.

So all of the wisdom that we’ve gained in our life, we’ve got to keep growing and growing and learning and releasing all of the crap, all of the bad stuff.

Interestingly, this is where we store it and doing this exercise is going to be strengthening for us and kind of liberating.

Best Exercise For Women Over 50 – Start Slow

If you can do this for 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 45 seconds, a minute or 5 minutes, just practice of doing it and start releasing some of that stuff that we’re hanging on to

It will help bring some great bone strength and building muscle into your body, because our legs and all of this area supports everything else. So, if they’re strong, we can be strong and vital.

So if you can’t get down here, use a ball like this, and this gives you a similar kind of position for your body to be in.

It doesn’t give you the the strength that you’re going to get from doing the squat, but it will help you get your body down low.

Sometimes if you haven’t been used to exercising it might be difficult for you to get to here and go down a little bit further and you might need some help.

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Best Exercise For Women Over 50 – Conclusion

Don’t stress about being able to do this perfect at first, practice and do it at your own pace.

Just be really excited and proud of yourself that you’ve done something that you couldn’t do before, and a small amount of time means it’s going to be a longer amount of time when you keep practicing it.

I hope you utilize the best exercise for women over 50 and let me know your thoughts.

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