BeachBody Coach-What’s Your Why

Many people ask me the reason for becoming a  Beachbody Coach and there are a couple of reasons. First I know the products worked because I have seen the results and so have thousands of others. The second reason though is what really has fulfilled me. I am making a difference in other people’s lives.

The older I’ve gotten I realize that the most important thing really is helping others solve a problem and with today’s health issues believe me this is a problem we must solve or you are going to see the next generation having a shorter life expectancy due to health issues.

BeachBody Coach-Making A Difference

There is not a better feeling in the world than knowing that you have made a difference  in someone’s life. Be it they are able to lose weight so they can be more active with their kids, lower their cholesterol and blood pressure or help with their diabetes.

If you are thinking about becoming a BeachBody Coach just for the money then you are in for the wrong reason. Sure you can make good money as a coach if you put in the work but it has to be more than about that. You must see the bigger picture. Hopefully this video will give you a better idea.

BeachBody Coach-Are You Ready

If you want to take advantage of my free coaching and become a Beachbody coach, I need you to do these 3 simple things for me…

1. Sign up for my Free Coaching!!

It’s 100% free and doesn’t cost you anything. Just put your name, address, and details into the quick form, and Beachbody will automatically assign me as your coach, PLUS, give you your own account. You’ll have all sorts of cool tools, information, and videos at your disposal.

2. Register for my newsletter by entering your name and email into the box at the top right of this page. You’ll then start getting all of my weekly newsletters loaded with fitness tips.

3. Make sure and send a friend request to Facebook so you can share your results, find even more valuable tips and get any questions you might have answered. It’s a great way to interact with others who are passionate about their fitness as well as the Beachbody business.

I look forward to helping you on your fitness journey!!

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