Diamond Beachbody Coach-Moving Up

Becoming a Beachbody Coach has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. As of June 12th I reached the rank of Diamond Beachbody Coach, this is my 3rd promotion in four months. This is truly a huge step as a coach and I’m sure it’s the rank every Beachbody Coach wants to reach at some point in time. There are many extra benefits as a ranking Diamond Beachbody Coach.

Diamond Beachbody Coach-What It Means

Team Beachbody views their Diamonds and above as leaders, and getting a call from Jason Croxford congratulating me on reaching Diamond was really nice. My next goal is to reach 1 star Diamond, in order to do this I will need to help one of my coaches become a Diamond Beachbody Coach themselves.

Not only have I gotten myself in better shape physically but financially as well and I’ve shown others how to accomplish the same thing. I’ve helped three of my team members reach emerald status on the way to building their BeachBody business.

Now the journey continues as I await P90X to arrive. I continue to do the Power90 training until then and my results get better each week. If you are interested in taking this journey with me just click on the photo below and get started.

week 13 022

Mike,You have done an in creditable job and I am so proud of you!!
Keep it up………..
My goal is to reach Emerald this week and Diamond by October
I will be back to monitor your progress

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