Beachbody Review-What You May Not Know

To begin with, I want to let you know that this Beachbody review is going to be one of the most compelling reviews you’re going to find about the Beachbody company online.

And here is the reason why…

Not many people can really give you the birdseye view that I can about the real truth, and whether or not the Beachbody coaching opportunity is a scam. I believe that when you’re doing your research about Beachbody you need to know the INTEGRITY and LEGITIMACY of the Beachbody products and MLM opportunity.

The main reason I want to share this with you is because I’ve seen tons of people get misinformed and downright deceived by others who are wanting to make a quick buck. Here’s some of the things I’ll go over today in this Beachbody Review:

Beachbody Review-My Experience

To start with I’m going to share with you my personal experience with the Beachbody products.

I have been using the power90, p90x, and shakeology for quite a while now, and I also know many close friends that have been using the products as well as the coaching opportunity.

1. I’m going to share with you all I know about the products, and tell you the   REAL TRUTH about my results.

2. The next thing I’ll talk about is the REAL TRUTH about the Beachbody coaching business opportunity. As you may know, this company has been       getting alot of exposure thru their infomercials, yet rarely will you get a       inside glimpse of of how to achieve success with Beachbody.

3. Finally, I will share with you some pros and cons of joining the company. I  will share with you the information you must have if you are thinking about  joining Beachbody.

Beachbody Review: Who exactly is Mike Erwin?

Well to give you a short answer I joined Beachbody in February of 2010 and reached Diamond status in 4 short months. Although I do have a knowledge of marketing and what it takes to be successful I’m here to help answer your questions and if this business is right for you.

My story is a pretty common one. I looked into making money from home about 4 years ago and started looking into network marketing. It sounded so easy and yet I bombed so quickly.

I knew there were plenty of people making great money doing this but I had to shake my head at the failure I had run into. I was disallusioned at first then it kicked in that this was a test. My mindset would not let me fail, I just needed to find answers to my current problem.

I’ve been lucky enough to study the Beachbody opportunity from the INSIDE, having direct connections with many of the top leaders and I can tell you there are a some things you must know about Beachbody if you’re even thinking about joining this company or buying any of their products.

Let’s begin with the Beachbody products:

When I began my fitness journey I was 35 pounds overweight, so I  started out with the Power90 training. The training was hard but it was well put together and I lost the 35 pounds after 90 days by simply putting in the effort. I was able to see the results so I believed in the Beachbody product.

After those initial 90 days I moved onto the P90X workout. It was much more intense but I kept seeing more results as far as building muscle and getting ripped. Once again I was able to see the results so I believed in the Beachbody product.

Along with the P90X workout I started drinking their Shakeology product which is a meal replacement shake. Actually it’s one of my favorite marketing products. Besides the fact that it tastes great it also reduced my cholesterol and lowered my blood pressure.

When it comes right down to it you have to decide if the product is right for you. I can list a lot of things that have improved since starting with the Beachbody products but I also put in the effort.

Let’s review the Beachbody Coaching income opportunity.

To begin with let me say that Beachbody has earned my respect. It’s amazing what they have accomplished by putting fitness first and giving back to their coaches. Their are many gifted leaders in Beachbody and a top notch management team that gives you great information.

Now here is what you won’t hear from the leaders or management of Beachbody.

You must realize that if you think you will become rich overnight in the Beachbody opportunity you are in for a big surprise. People would like you to think that all you have to do is sign up as a coach and all your problems will be solved.

While Beachbody will give you many tools to help build your business you will have to learn many new skills to actually see success. Many people get overwhelmed once they find this out and give up within months of joining when it doesn’t happen overnight for them.

As with most MLM companies they will give you the same line … “talk to your friends and family and the 3 foot rule”

While Beachbody is a great company and there are many other great companies out there as well, none of them teach you how to brand yourself and build your own business.

You see folks, what I’m going to share with you today about the Beachbody opportunity and many other MLM companies is that most of the movers and shakers already had networking skill sets before they joined. They had already built relationships and knew how to capture leads.

I’m sharing this with you so you can get an idea of what it will take to become successful with the Beachbody business. You may now be asking yourself is it really worth all the effort to learn new skill sets that can make me successful. That my friend you have to decide.

Many of the Beachbody coaches will quit before they experience success while others will go on and make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The key is having a mentor that can share with you a online marketing plan and teach you new skill sets.

When people first start out most of them don’t have a network of people and that is what makes the internet a gold mine. Once you understand how to harness the power of the internet everything else falls into place.

Most of the Beachbody marketing training is stuff that has been rehashed for years. You must learn how to improve your skills, build relationships and capture your own leads. In other words, you have to make yourself a valuable commodity.

95% of the people in Beachbody have no idea how to capture their own leads through the internet. They don’t have a mentor to share with them how to build a successful business.

The bottom line is, only you can make it happen. Sure, I can teach you what works but if you don’t take action it’s all for naught. By finding the right mentor you can cut that learning curve in half if you take action.

Beachbody Review:My final thoughts on the Beachbody Coach opportunity:

Beachbody is one of the fastest growing and strongest companies in the industry. I love the fact that it is helping fight the obesity epidemic and I believe in the products.

With that being said, if you are just starting out as a coach and you are struggling or if you are currently thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach contact me. Let me help you build your business the most efficient way possible.

I would love to share with you…

1. How to use keywords to build your business

2. How to write articles to attract more traffic

3. How to use videos to build your business

4. How to use social media to build your business

5. How to build relationships

6. How to create your funnel

7. How to brand yourself

8. How to achieve a successful mindset

To achieve success with your Beachbody business you must realize that it will take work. Nothing comes without effort but with the above techniques you will start to understand the mechanics behind successful marketing and building your business. Contact Me

yours in success,

Mike Erwin

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