Bat Wings Workout For Women

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Are you ready to say bye-bye to those batwings? Today I’m going to share a bat wings workout for women that will help.

We hold excess fat in the back of our arms in the tricep area and your batwings are that fat and excess skin.

It’s when you go to cheer someone or wave hello that you feel it and that’s really uncomfortable and can be embarrassing. That’s why I’m sharing this bat wings workout for women.

Bat Wings Workout For Women

So today I’m going to give you a bat wings workout for women that are going to help tone and tighten up the back of the arms so you don’t have to worry about those bat wings anymore.

You don’t need any equipment except for a chair for one of our movements, but if you have a set of dumbbells grab them because they’re definitely going to help take it up a notch and make those arms work even harder.

I’ll show you some modifications as we go along through the exercises so that no matter what level you’re at, whether you’re a beginner or a super athlete, you’ll be able to master these moves.

It’s so important because we have those three tricep muscles in the back of our arms that don’t get used enough, so that’s where that excess fat starts to build up and as we age our skin starts to get loose back there.

Bat Wings Workout For Women – Triangle Pushup

The first move we’re going to do is a triangle pushup. Now this is like the number one exercise you could ever possibly do for the tricep.

It’s a little bit challenging. But again I’ll show you some different layers. So let’s get started.

Like the name implies, a triangle push-up, you’re going to bring your hands to make a triangle or a diamond and place them on the mat.

You’re going to step your feet back into a plank, lifting your hips and make sure that your wrists and shoulders are stacked right over each other.

So you’re going to inhale, lower down and exhale, push away. This can be challenging as you lower and press.

So you can either stay here or come on to the knees, your feet or keeping your toes on the floor and lower and press the way here.

Keep those shoulders pulled away from the ears, really open up. You feel those triceps burning already. Get nice and low and exhale, press and stretch it out.

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Bat Wings Workout For Women – Tricep Extensions

Next, we have tricep extensions and these are awesome because you’re really going to feel the muscle stretch.

Again you don’t need any weights. If you want to, you can grab one and pick it up by both sides or grab two.

So I’m going to use 2 five pound weights and a turn to the side. So you can see, weights are going to go straight overhead.

I want those biceps to stay right by your ears instead of opening up which tends to happen, so keep those arms pulled in nice and tight.

You’re going to bend to a 90 degree, pelvic tucks core and pulls in super tight, exhale, press toward the sky and lower back down.

As you’re here, your shoulders are going to want to pull up towards your ears, don’t let them.

If this is too challenging, you can bring the weights together but try to give yourself a little bonus.

Bat Wings Workout For Women – Rows

All right, go ahead and grab those weights. We’re going to come to standing, but we’re going to do a bent over narrow row.

It can just be hip distance or closer, bend deep into those knees and I want you to lean forward so you have a flat back.

Pull in toward the spine, shoulders pulled back and down. Arms are down, weights together and you’re going to row the weights up toward your hips, squeezing between the shoulder blades super tight and lower back down.

So you’re going to work the triceps, you’re working into the back muscles, but don’t forget about that belly, pull it in exhale and squeeze.

Bat Wings Workout For Women – Tricep Kickbacks

So we’re going to go straight to our tricep kickbacks. Weights are by your hips, elbows are super high.

Squeeze it tight and bring it in and up, go sweep and lower. Try not to add the bicep curl.

So, instead of bringing it up toward your shoulders, press it up down and down. You’re really going to feel this one.

Bat Wings Workout For Women – Bonus Exercise

We have one more exercise. You’re going to want to grab a chair with a flat seat. Nice and sturdy with no wheels.

I know you’re going to want to just sit in it and relax. It feels really lovely but we have one more set of exercises for those triceps.

Palms are going to come on to the edge of the chair. You can just curl your fingers down below and walk your feet out, keeping your hips really closed.

You can walk your feet in a little bit more, keep your knees bent as we lower to 90 degrees in those elbows, and press up.

But if you want to challenge yourself, walk those feet straight out, keep the feet flexed hips by the chair. It’s going to make it a little bit harder.

Come down, exhale and press. We use the triceps, squeeze the muscles in the back of the arm and lower back down.

You can take it slow or as fast as you need to. If you need to take a break that’s okay.

Bat Wings Workout For Women – Stretch

Now’s it’s time to really relax those triceps. So the best stretch you’re going to get is up overhead. Similar to the position in our extension, just bring the palm down toward the back and exhale.

Let it go, switch sides and just breathe into it. Stretch and you’ll really relax those muscles and be ready for round two.

You got to be feeling that on your arms already, I know, but I want you to do four rounds total.

If you’re feeling really strong, up the weights that you’re using for this workout or pair it with a Bra bulge workout, it is going to be so awesome to help target those trouble areas.

Bat Wings Workout For Women – Conclusion

Don’t forget good things come to those who sweat. I hope the bat wings workout for women will help you get the results you want.

Remember, you’ve got to put in the work if you want the results. I wish it were easier but nothing great comes easy.

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