I created I Want A Great Body to help others with their fitness goals. From someone who has always struggled with the ups and downs of being consistent with their workouts I realized there were many others with the same issue.

I’ve found that the hardest part is just getting started and on this site I hope to provide you with enough valuable information to find the workouts that best fit you and the tips to help you reach your goals.

I will share reviews of the various exercise equipment you can use, helpful tips on exercises and some of the most valuable programs that are available to help you achieve results.

No matter what your goals are they can be reached if you stay consistent and realize that fitness is a journey. Results don’t happen overnight but they do happen.

I know from being able to lose 50 pounds in 6 months the hardest part was staying consistent and the first 3 weeks are the hardest. I also know that once you start seeing those results you become more motivated.

I hope I Want A Great Body provides you with the tips, training and equipment to allow you to reach your goals and I look forward to hearing your success story.