5 Ab Exercises For Women Over 50

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Today what we’re going to do is cover 5 ab exercises for women over 50, because let’s face it as we get older our bodies change.

We’ve accumulated some injuries, we’ve had kids and things don’t work exactly the same way as they used to so we actually need to train differently.

So today is 5 ab exercises for women over 50 that can help you strengthen your core, get a better looking midsection and they’ll actually help you, in conjunction with a good diet, get a flatter stomach and lose fat as well.

We’re going to quickly go over these five exercises. I’m going to demo these for you and give you some ideas on some sets and reps and actually give you a five-minute workout.

You can start doing these every single day to see results with your core training to get a stronger, better. looking midsection.

5 Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 – What You’ll Learn

So the first exercise on our list of the 5 ab exercises for women over 50 is the rkc plank and you might not know what this is but our rkc stands for russian kettlebell club and they essentially redefine the way a plank should be done.

You’ve probably seen a plank before. You’re on your elbows and you got your feet behind you and you’re keeping your core tight.

Well, what an rkc plank is is while you’re doing that normal plank position, you’re actually squeezing your quads, your glutes, your back and your forearms.

You’re creating more tension in the body and what this does is makes the plank, I would say, five to ten times more effective than a regular plank.

So even doing a 20 second rkc plank in my opinion, is way more valuable than doing two minutes of a regular plank hold because it engages your core so much more.

It’s really going to help your results and the beautiful thing about this rkc plank is it’s actually going to help tighten your waistline because it’s working a muscle underneath your abs called the transverse abdominis and that’s going to help.

It’s going to give you a tighter sleeker looking midsection, it’s a really amazing exercise.

We’re kicking off with rkc planks and I’ll show you how to do that in just a second.

Our second exercise is a knee slide crunch and you’ve probably heard that crunches get a little bit of a bad rap.

They can be hard on your neck. People do them sloppy, you see people swinging themselves on exercise balls and they’re really not getting much benefit to the core activation.

Well, a nice slide crunch is great because it really focuses. We’re going to be in that crunch position, sliding our hands up our knees, creating a lot of tension in the core.

It’s a very slow, controlled movement. It’s going to give you a better contraction in your abs and better results as a byproduct. So that’s our second exercise.

Third one on this 5 ab exercises for women over 50 list is a foot touch. We’re on our back and we’re moving our feet and touching the floor.

We’re eventually going to extend our legs out as we get better into a flutter kick and this is amazing because it does activate some of that transverse abdominus that we work through the rkc planks.

It works on your hip flexors as well and it’s a really good mix up between a crunching motion and now we’re actually moving the legs.

So it kind of hits the abs from a different angle and it’s super easy and you don’t need any equipment. I’m going to show you how to do that one as well.

Exercise number four is an invisible ball twist. This is where we’re on our back and we have the big ball and we’re moving just like this. This is very important with our core training.

We don’t just want to work these crunching motions. We also need to work out twisting motions because the function of the abs is not just to flex and again extend the spine but it’s to rotate with the oblique work.

So you’re going to get that with those invisible ball twists. I’m going to show you how to do those and how to do them from beginner to advanced variations.

Finally, we have super womans. A lot of women make the mistake, especially over 50, in thinking that the core training in ab work is just the stuff we see on the front side.

Well, your core is really all the muscles that are supportive on the back side and have a strong, healthy core. You actually need to work these spinal extensors too.

So I’m gonna show you how to do some super womans and a secret bonus exercise after super womans to help you alleviate back pain and have a more flexible mobile spine.

This is a really amazing set that we can borrow from yoga and you’re going to  learn that today.

So let’s get into our first exercise, the rkc plank.

5 Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 – RKC Plank

So what we’re going to do is get into a regular plank position like you’ve probably seen before. Hands are down here and feet are back.

So what I want you to do here is drop your butt, push your forearms away from the floor to essentially round the upper back a little bit.

I want you to squeeze your glutes and your quads as hard as you can and create this kind of semi vacuum pose. This is the position here.

You may see people doing regular planks that look something like this. The shoulder blades are retracted here in a regular plank and you can kind of hang out here and make it not hard.

I’m kind of over my hands a little bit and I could stay here for a long time. The second I do this, push away shift back, bring the glutes in squeeze the quads and the glutes. Just like this.

My body starts to shake. This is a proper plank position and what you do is see if you can hold this for 30 seconds. That would be the goal.

As you get stronger you simply shift back further away from your hands, still pushing away from the floor. Still squeezing your glutes and your quads as hard as you can and then you’re down.

The goal with the rkc plank is not necessarily to hold for two minutes. It’s to see how intensely can you hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Even if you’re starting out and you can only do a 15-second rkc plank, I would do maybe like 3 or 4 sets of that.

So you get basically around a minute total of under tension rkc and if you can do 30 seconds, then I would say do two sets of 30 seconds.

In total I’d like you to have one minute of contraction of the rkc plank and you can rest in between those sets if you want.

But I’m going to show you a simple circuit at the end of this workout that gives you all five exercises in a circuit.

So rkc planks number one key points and getting to that plank position. Push your hands away from the floor to give that upper back its protraction of your scapula.

You’re bringing those abs in, you’re squeezing your butt, squeezing your quads and creating a lot of tension and holding that. That’s the first exercise.

5 Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 – Knee Slide Crunch

Second on our list is the knee slide crunch, so we’re going to get into a crunch position here. Feet are firmly planted on the ground. Back is flat.

A mistake people make is they create space underneath the low back. So you kind of slide your hand underneath here to get rid of this space.

So what I’m going to do is push my hips this way flat in the back and I have to contract my abs to do that so there’s no space underneath.

This means my abs are contracted and my back’s in a proper position. If you find your back’s arching, flatten that sucker out and get the glutes active.

Knee slide means you put your hands on your knees. You tuck your chin and creating tension in the abs and I’m sliding up and I’m sliding right down.

Maintain this chin tuck tension position, up down up, hold at the top, slowly come on down, fire up hold at the top, right on down, tuck the chin and come up, right on down.

It’s not a big range of motion movement but the abs are tense all the way through to this peak and then they’re coming right on down and I’m not coming all the way down here because at this point I have lost little tension on my abs.

The tension starts from right here. This is the bottom position. I slide my hands up and right on down.

If you find you have long arms you don’t have to have them fully extended. You can kind of get like the t-rex arm thing here and come up to here and come right on down.

The key is that chin stays tucked, the tension stays on the abs and you’re going up and down, slow and controlled all the way.

I want you to do these knee slide crunches for anywhere from ten to thirty reps.

If you can build up the 30 reps, your core is going to be incredibly strong because with this crunch, the tension is on the abs the entire time.

To start to build out this ab workout I would say first things first. Get 1 minute total of rkc planks. You might need to rest between those two but once you get one minute rkc planks you move on to the knee slide crunches.

You work your way up to getting 30 reps. If you have to do 3 sets of 10 that’s fine, if you can do all of them in one 30 rep set, then that’s good! You check that off.

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5 Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 – Foot Touch

We’re going to move on to our third exercise out of the 5 ab exercises for women over 50, which is the foot touch. Eventually, we’ll build it up to the flutter.

It’s very similar starting position to that crunch. Taking that low back space and flattening it out. This is going to be a key to all your ab exercises and from this position we’re going bring our legs into this 9090 position.

90 degree from the hip, 90 from the knee, hands are planted firmly. We’re not allowing that low back to come up. We’re keeping it pressed on the ground and that’s going to engage the abs.

Now what we’re going to do from this position right here is one leg at a time we’re going to slowly bring it down and touch the floor. Then bring it right back up slow.

The other leg comes down and touches the floor. Bring it right back up slow because I want you to feel like you’re having this opening motion. As the right comes down, I’m keeping tension on this left side.

As the left leg comes down, keeping tension on this right side, it’s a little bit like a bicycle motion and the foots coming down and it’s touching the ground.

What I find with a lot of these ab exercises is actually sometimes it’s helpful to actually touch your stomach.

When you’re working it gives you some tactile feedback to make sure you know that the muscles are working.

If you have a layer of as what I like to say, happiness over your abs and you can’t feel them, that’s totally fine.

Still your core gives you some engagement as you’re going through here and as you get stronger what you’re going to do is extend your legs out a little bit further.

So instead of being very bent, they’re going to start to look a little more straight and in time it may look almost like a fully extended leg but you want to make sure that your low back does not come off the ground.

So you’re going to work up to doing 15 each leg. If that means that you need to do that in all one set and you can get it done, that’s great. If you need to do multiple sets that’s fine, get 15 each leg, 30 total.

It’s very challenging and it’s going to work your core in a slightly different way.

5 Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 – Invisible Ball Twist

Now we’re going to move on to our next exercise, which is the invisible ball twist and this is an exercise that challenges the rotation aspect of our core strength.

So you’re going to get right here. Feet firmly planted, abs are tight, chin is up in a line.

I’m going to grab an invisible ball just like this and with my invisible ball, my head is glued to the ball and I’m going to rotate like this, looking at the ball the entire way and chin stays up.

I’m rotating with my ball all the way through here and chin goes where ball goes. Ball moves, hands don’t move. All the movement is coming from my trunk.

Going this way the hands are my guide. There’s going to be a temptation to want to tuck your chin. Once you keep your chin elevated as you’re moving with your invisible ball you can play around with your leg position.

It might feel better for you to be in this position, might feel better to be closer. I like to find this middle zone, where your feet don’t have to be firmly planted but you definitely want good heel contact as you’re moving.

We’re going to do 10 each side. Again, if you need to take multiple sets to get this done that’s fine, you can do 10 each side, 20, reps total.

5 Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 – Superwomans

Your fifth exercise of the 5 ab exercises for women over 50 is the superwoman. So we did a lot of exercise so far that have worked the front side of the core.

We’ve worked the hip motion. We’ve worked some planking, we’ve worked some twisting. Now we’re going to work some back extensions.

So what we’re going to do here is do the superwoman, so we’re gonna get down just like this.

You get flat on the ground. You get your thumbs up just like this and what we’re going to do is squeeze the glutes in the low back and lift the legs up and the upper body is going to come up with it.

Just like this, just like superwoman would if she’s flying. You come right on down and up, pause for one, two right on down.

It’s a very small motion but what it’s doing to lift myself up I have to activate my low back. I have to activate my glutes and my hamstrings.

To keep my arms up here after I activate my upper back, all the muscles that stabilize my scapula – and this is what’s going to keep your back healthy, especially if you sit a lot.

What is sitting? It’s this forward curling, this is extension of the spine. I want you to get thirty reps total here.

You will likely have to divide this into multiple sets. It might be three sets of ten, rest between it, that’s totally fine and you’re going to get a couple more.

When do you stop, when you find that your reps are starting to get either jerky like this or if you find the range of motion ends up looking like this, you probably need to rest for a few seconds. Maybe take ten or so breaths and get right back to it.

So that is the superwoman and that ends the last exercise of our 5 ab exercises for women over 50.

5 Ab Exercises For Women Over 50 – Conclusion

To recap, we start with the rkc planks and went to the knee slide. Then we went to those foot touches or extending the legs for those flutters. Then we went to the invisible ball twists to the super womans.

Here are two bonus cool down exercises you may want to do. Two moves from yoga, primarily the cat cow.

So we’re going to be in this quadruped at position here, hands and feet roughly shoulder width apart and now we’re going to work on moving the spine, keeping the spine mobile.

So we’re going to inhale. The head comes up, back arches like this butt comes out, exhale push, crunch in inhale exhale, inhale exhale, pushing through the hands, exhale.

The reason we’re doing 10 to 15 of those reps at the end is it’s moving your spine through that flexion and extension. We just worked your abs. We worked your low back and extension.

Now we’re integrating that movement with when you’re doing the cat exhale and you’re pushing forward that’s a lot like the crunching motions and the planking motions we did.

As we extend and we’re doing the inhale through this portion of the cow we’re actually getting those back muscles to engage.

We’re bringing breath into the lungs. It’s a great way to cool down and it’s going to keep your back healthy.

Mobility is so essential for the spine, especially when you are in your 50’s 60’s and beyond, that’s where we start to dehydrate in the spine.

Those discs get more compressed. We’ve sat for so many years we need to get blood flow in the spine.

That’s what the Cat Cow does, along with all the exercises we did already in the series, but it’s icing on the cake. So that is an amazing bonus to the 5 ab exercises for women over 50.

Now I’m not saying these are the only five exercises you should do but I’m certainly saying that if you start incorporating these into your routine, you’ll see results.

Do them every day for five minutes or do them 2-3 times a week, whatever, you can commit to 100%, you’re going to see benefits to your health, to your body, to your strength and how your back feels.

All of our health really starts with a healthy spine and healthy core. These exercises are absolutely foundational.

Thank you for checking this post out and if you found these 5 ab exercises for women over 50 helpful, drop a comment below.

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