10 Minute Trainer

Tony Horton doesn’t just do 45-90 minute workouts like you find in P90X…

…Something for everyone…

-Introducing 10 Minute Trainer-

Tony knows that not everyone has a huge amount of time in their day. Whether it’s because of working 10-15 hour days, taking care of 1+ children, or whatever the reason may be that you just can’t fit it in. Whether you are a single mom, a friend of many, or a guy just looking to finally lose those embarrassing love handles.

10 Minute Trainer is an option.

(Watch this short video to see)

How it works

It’s simple actually. Instead of focusing on individual muscles throughout an extended period of time like other longer workouts, 10 minute trainer focuses on combination moves including bands and cardio for a super-synergistic (Lots of things at once) approach to increase your heart rate and muscle use in 10 minute periods (Hence, 10 minute trainer).

Basically, 10 minute trainer is an excuse buster. Not everyone has an hour a day BUT EVERYONE has at least 10 minutes out of 24 hours each day.

This is Tony’s answer to those that say:

* “I don’t have the time”
* “I can’t afford all that extra equipment”
* “I live on campus or in a small apartment and can’t do chin ups”
* “I’m not in good enough shape”

And really whatever else you have, 10 Minute Trainer will rebut. Basically, it comes down to You and your ability to finally take action and do something about your current situation. Fitness does not have to be something that absorbs your life but it should be something that is at least included in your life.

It doesn’t matter if your 20 or 65 – When you are truly ready to say “YES” and take action, well, there is always something available to help you do it. 10 Minute Trainer will help you start, it will help you condition and lose weight, and who knows – Maybe after 10 minute trainer you will be ready to take on P90X?? Maybe.

It’s not about dreaming or wishing you could but it’s about DOING and TAKING ACTION wherever and however small the step may be. The difference between someone who is healthy and is not is simply the fact that one Takes Action whenever possible and the other only ever “wants” it without ever doing anything about it.

Which one are you??

So here is your chance:


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