Beachbody Business

Hey folks, our beachbody business is growing every week. Team Allegiance is making a huge impact on people’s lives and if you’re not a part of it you’re really missing an exciting group of people heading in the same direction. The coaches share Read the rest of this entry

Beachbody Business-Finding Success

Well folks it’s been 11 months since I started my beachbody business and it continues to grow each week. Those first 3 months were tough, just like the workouts but I had the mindset that I would not fail. To find success in Read the rest of this entry

BeachBody Coach-What’s Your Why

Many people ask me the reason for becoming a  Beachbody Coach and there are a couple of reasons. First I know the products worked because I have seen the results and so have thousands of others. The second reason though is what really has fulfilled me. I am making a difference in other people’s lives. Read the rest of this entry

How Do I Become a Beachbody Coach-Where Do I Start

There’s been quite a few people asking me recently how do I become a beachbody coach especially since the coaching fee has been waived till the end of the year.  However there are a few things you should know before taking that step. Read the rest of this entry

Beachbody Review-What You May Not Know

To begin with, I want to let you know that this Beachbody review is going to be one of the most compelling reviews you’re going to find about the Beachbody company online. Read the rest of this entry

Become A Beachbody Coach-How Do I Do That

I’ve been getting the  question how do I become a Beachbody coach a lot lately. Many people don’t know about the coaching opportunity, all they notice is that the products work and are seen all over the place. From celebrities using Read the rest of this entry

P90X Training-2 Month Results

Well folks 2 months of P90X training in the books and find myself being able to do more and more each week. Seems like the muscle confusion is kicking in and starting to see my body change a little quicker. Read the rest of this entry