Power90 Training and BeachBody:My Story

We all start somewhere, you could be wanting to lose those last couple of pounds or you could be like me and want to take your life back. The Power90 training was the beginning for me on my journey back to fitness. 40 pounds overweight after being Read the rest of this entry

Beachbody Coach-My Why

Everybody should have a WHY for joining any business. This video will explain mine for becoming a BeachBody coach after starting the Power90 training. Read the rest of this entry

Well folks, just got done with week 3 of the Power90 training. The soreness that I had the first couple of weeks are now gone. My endurance is getting better each week now and I’m seeing Read the rest of this entry

Well folks I just wrapped up the second week of Power90 training. I ended up losing another two pounds.[woohoo] I can feel my body starting to change into that of a SuperHero. Well that maybe going a little too far.lol Read the rest of this entry

Well folks I just wrapped up the first week of Power90 training. Not being in great shape it was tough for me to do all the exercises but I did what I could. As the week went on I was able to do more as my endurance built up, although it will probably be another week or two before I can do them all. That’s ok I know this is not a race.

I am finding myself with more energy and did manage to lose three pounds so I’m happy with that. The new picture doesn’t really show much of a difference but I could tell how my pants fit that something is starting to happen. When I used this training several years ago it took me 3 weeks to start actually seeing results in photos.

Stay posted as I move into week 2 and remember just push play and bring it!

After 1 week of Power90 training

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