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P90X Training-2 Month Results

Well folks 2 months of P90X training in the books and find myself being able to do more and more each week. Seems like the muscle confusion is kicking in and starting to see my body change a little quicker. Read the rest of this entry

P90X Training-Results After 7 Weeks

Just got finished with week 7 of P90X training and arms, chest and shoulders are seeing improvement. I’m excited to see what happens after the next phase. It’s amazing the results and the amount of  reps I can do now compared to when I first started. Read the rest of this entry

P90X Training-Results After 5 Weeks

Well folks this week was my recovery week for P90X training and I’m supposed to let the muscles recover while I do more cardio and stretching. It almost feels like I’m cheating but I know it will help. Trust me the stretching is Read the rest of this entry

P90X Training-1 Month Down

Well folks, here we are 30 days later with P90X training results. Let me tell you right off the bat that this is not easy but really it’s not that hard. If you have the desire to reach your fitness goals you won’t let anything distract you. It really depends Read the rest of this entry

P90X Training-Starting To Kick In

After 3 weeks of P90X training! Starting to see more definition in my arms, shoulders and chest. Even the money I had invested in my belly is showing signs of a 2 pack.lol The weight loss has not been anything to speak of but it is turning into Read the rest of this entry

P90X Training-Word For The Day Is Sore

Well folks, two weeks of P90X training are in the books and have to say the soreness is starting to go away finally.lol I’m telling you the first week was brutal and that’s after I did the Power90 training. I have no idea if I could have made it just starting from scratch. Read the rest of this entry

The Start Of P90X Training

Well folks it’s finally time to start the P90X training. It arrived Thursday but I didn’t want to start it in the middle of the week so this Monday was my first workout.

I found the first workout intense but not as bad as it would have been if I had not completed the Power90 first. Don’t get me wrong this is extreme! But I’m also in alot better shape now. I will keep posting my weekly updates and results to keep you informed on my progress.

Remember, you can make excuses or you can make results! You can’t do both. So if you’re ready to join me with p90x training and get in the best shape of your life visit my Beachbody site.

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