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I’m currently looking for a few GOOD men and women to join me as Independent Team Beachbody Fitness Coaches. I want LEADERS, people who are DRIVEN for success.  Those who want to help make a DIFFERENCE in their own, and other’s lives.

Before Beachbody came into my life, I was an overweight 47 year old guy working from home but I realize how many people mindlessly travel back and forth to work for that weekly rat race paycheck.  Working 50 to 60 hours a week, with rarely any  time to spend with your wife and kids.
This post is for those that are:

1] Serious about getting in the best shape of your life

2] Living a healthy lifestyle

3] No longer working that J.O.B. make a living helping others to not only get in great shape, but also show them how THEY TOO can live a care free – stress free life like I do.

Beachbody Fitness Coach

As a  beachbody fitness coach I learned to Never stop investing in myself. Never stop trying to improve myself. Never stop doing something new. The moment you stop making the effort to improve yourself  is the moment a little bit of you starts to die. Make it your goal to be better each and every day, in some small way.

How do you know if becoming a beachbody fitness coach is for you?

*If you spend your day at work wishing you were somewhere else, this may be for you!

*If you’re tired of answering to a boss 5 or more days a week, this may be for you!

*If you never have a chance to spend time with your family, this may be for you.

*If you’re sick and tired, of being sick and tired…

I’m one phone call away.  239-225-3836.  Call me and let’s talk more about becoming a Beachbody Fitness Coach.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Beachbody Fitness Coach

Canada Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

The Canada beachbody coaching opportunity is opening on October 1st and it’s a very exciting opportunity for many Canadians that have been waiting. Beachbody has many customers in Canada that use P90X, Turbo Jam, Turbofire, and Shakeology. Many Canadians have been wanting to become Beachbody Coaches but have not been able to until now. Canadians want to join and build their Beachbody business and work at home in Canada.

I am excited to think about all of the great things that are going to happen starting October 1st when  Beachbody is approved from the Canadian government to move forward with the Beachbody coaching opportunity in Canada.

Canada Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

Networking opportunities in Canada are highly regulated. These things have taken time but finally it has been worth the wait. Can you imagine all of your Canadian friends that are currently using and seeing results with the beachbody products turning it into a work from home solution. Folks, this is going to be huge. The Canadian beachbody coaching opportunity is going to change a lot of lives and I want to be the one that helps you reach your fitness and financial goals.

The great thing about taking advantage of the Canada beachbody coaching opportunity is that Beachbody coaches in the US have already created a system for success. We have figured out what works as far as turning this opportunity into a successful business. When you join me you are joining a diamond beachbody coach that has a proven system with the only requirement needed is your passion for helping others.

So if you’re ready to join our amazing family and take advantage of the Canada beachbody coaching opportunity simply click the banner below to sign up and make sure to give me a call 239-225-3836 so I can help you get started building your business.

Canada Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

A fun, simple, no-overhead way to raise money and help your supporters get fit and healthy.

If you are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization and looking for a unique and exciting fundraiser this just might be the perfect opportunity for you. Fitness is a great fundraising idea for your school, your church or organization. Not only will you be raising funds for your organization, you are going to help encourage and support a healthy lifestyle for those in your community.


Any 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization can enroll as a Team Beachbody Coach and open a Team Beachbody Business Center FREE with no monthly service fees of any kind (a $215+ annual value)!! Beachbody will waive the Game Plan Tool Kit & Business Essentials Starter Program fee and monthly Coach Business Service fee for all eligible Nonprofit Coach applicants that are true nonprofit organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the the Internal Revenue Code.

Applicants seeking this waiver must submit a copy of their IRS Ruling or Updated Determination Letter approving their tax-exempt status. Typical Nonprofits accepted are as follows, but not limited to Churches, Schools, Sports Groups, Boys and Girls Clubs, Foundations, Rehabilitation Centers, Community Service Clubs, Alumni Associations, Fundraising Organizations and other Special Interest Organizations.

Highlights and benefits of the Team Beachbody Nonprofit Program Fundraising Opportunity

No Cost: It is FREE to qualified Nonprofit organizations and carries no fees of any kind – before, during, or after your sign up.
Investment Free: Products are sold by “drop shipment” to shoppers and customers therefore participating Nonprofit organizations do not need to purchase inventory for resale. No working capital required.
Profitable: With no inventory expenses or fees and a high dollar value per transaction, this is a fundraising program that produces results.
Hassle Free: We handle all ordering, shipping, returns, customer service and daily activities.
Transparency: Participants have access to sophisticated tools to track all sales & amounts raised along with the ability to monitor the progress and effectiveness of fundraising efforts.
Sustainable: Team Beachbody provides long term, year-round fundraising. Our widely known products are constantly in demand and generate significant recurring sales. This translated into opportunity for continuous and organizational growth.
Quality: Our branded company, catalog, and site carry exclusive products not available in stores. We offer products that are ranked top in the health and fitness industry. All products sold come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Benefits include:

No order forms or money to collect
No minimums to meet
You have your own bi-lingual websites that you can direct people to for their orders (English or Spanish)
You get paid weekly by direct deposit or check
Earn month after month, year after year
Opportunities for you and your supporters to win prizes daily, monthly and yearly!
Opportunity to sponsor other non-profits and individual Coaches and receive residual funding from their revenue generation
Opportunity to earn Team Cycle bonuses and much more!
25% discount on fitness and nutritional products
25% commission on retail sales
50% commission from Club memberships

The Team Beachbody Nonprofit Program is designed to be simple, which allows our participants to do what they do best and that is getting people involved, driving traffic and generating sales.

A Nonprofit Program That Makes A Difference

When you choose this as your fundraiser you are choosing to help Beachbody in it’s mission to reverse the trend of obesity by giving people the tools and support to achieve a fit and healthy body. There is no isolated age group of American children and adults that are affected and the alarming and continual rise in the number of individuals with obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other health problems are proving to be costly and potentially deadly to many.

Take a brief moment to think of some people around you and I am sure that you can come up with at least one if not more individuals that could benefit from some form of health and wellness solution. If we were to search deeper I am sure that each person you thought of knows others that could benefit from some the same as well.

There is a solution and proactive approach that could be implemented to help all those around us such as our children, family, friends and co-workers that would continue to build momentum as a growing positive solution filtering over into the  many others in our local communities, organizations, businesses, larger corporations, and even our health care system.


Partnering with an industry leader

Beachbody has many #1 fitness programs for you to offer such as P90x, Insanity, Hip Hop abs, Slim In 6, Kid’s Club, plus Team Club memberships, along with great nutritional products and supplements and the doctor endorsed Ultra Premium Shakeology – the most complete meal of the day.

Your Nonprofit organization can benefit abundantly by providing health and wellness solutions to it’s members, constituents and/or school students, local neighborhood citizens, communities and at the same time being able to raise additional funds for your organizational needs. Imagine how different your organization and local communities will be with healthier, happier and fit people.

Full of energy and confidence because of their new physical condition and health which will fuel and increase of involvement and positive lifestyles. Not to mention this is a perfect example of community service and outreach at its finest branching out to positively impact lives in a powerful way.

Just think of this powerful concept for a moment, helping your organization’s important cause financially by introducing Team Beachbody Health and Fitness products and keeping 100% of the commissions for you fundraising needs and at the same time helping take a stance against obesity because this is our purpose and mission.

All qualified Nonprofit Organizations and groups can qualify for this exciting fundraising and life-changing event. Your support for better health in the community can set the standard for other nonprofit organizations and groups to take a stand along with you to fight the obesity trend that is crippling our entire nation and health care system.

Getting Started Is A Simple Process!

The first step to set up a Nonprofit (fundraising) business center is to gather your 501(c)(3) Nonprofit documentation for submitting to our corporate offices for approval. Once approved, my business will be there to help your Nonprofit organization to get started with account setup and creating its FREE websites that will serve to additionally host and help with fundraising activities.

This just takes a few minutes to complete and your organization can start spreading the word about your online fundraising websites. Anyone will be able to go to your fundraising websites and place their orders online at anytime. Of course, to make it even simpler, my business will continue to provide assistance toward helping with your nonprofit organization needs.


The second step is pick out the programs that best suit your fundraising target groups such as kids and families of your Organization, Church and/or School. You will have access to product catalogs, simple information pages that double as an order form, or you have the option to create your own custom flyer to serve as a promotional piece and/or order form.

There will be a wealth of marketing materials and tools available with your Nonprofit Coach account. The hardest part will be in deciding just how creative and fun your organization wants it’s fundraisers to be.

Your “Fit Family Fundraisers” may include:

Retail sales drives – direct supporters to your Beachbody provided web store or Facebook store – your organization earns 25%
Shake and Share Events
Weekly Fit Clubs
30-90 day Group Fitness Challenges
Ultimate Reset Challenges
Nutrition seminars
Piggyback with other fundraisers your organization does throughout the year.

Once your Nonprofit Coach account is in place your organization will have many opportunities being the Fundraising Coach to launch weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly workouts to further promote your fundraiser and help your community. Your organization will be able to provide access to free online health and fitness support tools for individuals and families through Team Beachbody’s online support community.

All your organization has to do is be a little creative and host fun events to launch your “Fit Family Fundraisers” that will provide people with a way to get healthy and fit with Beachbody products. More than likely they already know about our exceptional and popular fitness programs and products thanks to our top nationally ranked TV infomercials!

The adults can also join to gain access to Team Beachbody’s free online gym to workout and win up to $300-$1000 dollars in cash and prizes everyday just for logging in their daily workouts. A unique incentive and reward for participating with Team Beachbody and staying accountable to their success.

Today is your nonprofit organizations day to take a unique approach and make a difference.

Beachbody For Non-ProfitWe are exceptionally proud of our Team Beachbody Nonprofit Program because we know it is a winning opportunity for all Nonprofits to raise funds while helping their communities live longer and healthier lifestyles, which is what we all want for our children and ourselves. What would your organization like to do?

Decide to make a choice to promote health and wellness that will also meet all its fundraising needs. Commit to serving your organization and others by positively impacting their lives. Succeed in becoming leaders in your community and other areas while helping others live healthy and fulfilling lives. This at Beachbody is who we are and what we do, PHP, People Helping People.

Thank you for your time and I look forward in serving you and your nonprofit organization. To get started please contact me at 239-225-3836 or send an email to

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