Author: Mike Erwin

Welcome to! This blog is dedicated to profile pics 002helping others get the information needed for a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, and weight management. Also, this blog will show you my experience as I go through the 90 day workout plan. I am an Independent Beachbody Coach and offer all official products from Beachbody via my Team Beachbody Store.

Purchasing through my store will also assign me as your personal Beachbody Coach to help you stay accountable, on track, and informed. I update this Blog several times a week with weight loss, motivational, inspirational, and informational articles all related to health and weight loss.

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The following will explain a little more about me personally and how I got to where I am today.

I started my entrepreneurial journey at a young age. After leaving college early to pursue a baseball career I came to the realization after a couple of years in the minor leagues I just wasn’t good enough to make it to the major league level. So I took the money I had earned and bought a bar in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio. After 13 years of all that excitement I decided to sell the bar and move down to Florida and pursue other interests.

Although I’ve been able to work from home over the last couple of years my lack of fitness has been a concern. I think everybody reaches that certain point where either they decide to do something about it or settle for the shape they are in. Well folks I’m not settling, even though I’m 47  I’m going to attack this with a passion. I know what can be accomplished with focus and desire, I’ve built a successful business the same way. I have signed up to be a Beachbody Coach. This way it makes me stay focused on my health while helping other people reach their fitness goals. Folks, this is the only life we get so it’s time to seize the day!

I know what it’s like to struggle pursuing your dreams and I also know what it’s like to reap the rewards. Life is full of challenges but also new experiences. Live your life to the fullest everyday, make decisions daily and have no regrets.

Remember, success isn’t how high you climb, it’s how many others you bring with you!