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Best Nutrition Shake-So Many To Choose From

More and more people are searching for the best nutrition shake available. There are many to choose from but I hope you do your research and realize that while drinking nutrition shakes can help you should implement a workout routine to maximize your results. Read the rest of this entry

Buy P90X – Where Can I Get It

A popular question I get all the time is where can I buy p90x. There are many people out there that think they can run right down to their local Wal-Mart and pick up p90x but that’s not the case. I know as often as you see those infomercials you would think that they are selling it on every street corner. Read the rest of this entry

BeachBody Coach-What’s Your Why

Many people ask me the reason for becoming a  Beachbody Coach and there are a couple of reasons. First I know the products worked because I have seen the results and so have thousands of others. The second reason though is what really has fulfilled me. I am making a difference in other people’s lives. Read the rest of this entry

Struggling Beachbody Coach-Find Someone That’s Succesful

Today I want to touch on the subject of struggling beachbody coaches. As of this writing there are over 40,000 beachbody coaches nationwide. Now consider the fact that only 2% of them are making any money. I know that is a scary statistic but Read the rest of this entry

P90X Motivational Tips-Pushing Through

Today I want to share with you some motivational tips for P90X. I know we all struggle sometimes when it comes to doing our workouts but for those that are serious about seeing the results we must push ourselves. There will be days when you Read the rest of this entry

Starting P90X-Are You Ready

If you’re ready to start P90X it all comes down to your mindset. Many people talk about getting back in shape or losing weight everyday but few start. You are the only one that can make that decision to change your life. You’ll always have Read the rest of this entry

How Do I Become a Beachbody Coach-Where Do I Start

There’s been quite a few people asking me recently how do I become a beachbody coach especially since the coaching fee has been waived till the end of the year.  However there are a few things you should know before taking that step. Read the rest of this entry