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Beachbody Review-What You May Not Know

To begin with, I want to let you know that this Beachbody review is going to be one of the most compelling reviews you’re going to find about the Beachbody company online. Read the rest of this entry

Meal Replacement Shakes-Finding The Most Effective

Many people have been asking me lately about meal replacement shakes and which one to choose. There is a variety of meal replacement shakes on the market and it can be difficult to choose which is the most effective. Right now Shakeology is Read the rest of this entry

PX90-Will You Put In The Effort

I’ve been getting the question alot lately. Will PX90 work for me? The simple answer is it works if you do. Folks there is no easy button or get ripped quick switch. It comes with putting in the effort each day to reach your goal. The same goes for any aspect in your life. Read the rest of this entry

P90X Motivation-Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Trust me folks, staying motivated with P90X is not easy but it all comes down to your desire and mindset. I get questions all the time asking me how I stay motivated with p90x and for me it was seeing those results after about 3 weeks that really pushed me. Read the rest of this entry

Become A Beachbody Coach-How Do I Do That

I’ve been getting the  question how do I become a Beachbody coach a lot lately. Many people don’t know about the coaching opportunity, all they notice is that the products work and are seen all over the place. From celebrities using Read the rest of this entry