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Hey folks, exciting news from Beachbody corporate office this past week. Now the Beachbody coaching fee has been waived. That’s right, people who have been thinking about the Beachbody coaching opportunity will not have to pay the 40.00 start up fee and this will last until the new year. Read the rest of this entry

90 Days Of P90X-My Results

Well folks, I made it thru my 90 days of P90X! I’m happy with the results but know they would have been better if I would have followed the diet plan. Read the rest of this entry

P90X Training Week 11-Do What You Can

Well folks, I can’t say too much about  p90x training week 11 because of 30 year high school reunion I attended. My diet went to hell with plenty of beer and stopping by some of the old restaurants that happen to still be open after all these years. Read the rest of this entry